Winter in Tasmania is a perfect opportunity for photos with so many frosts, rain, snow and fog.

Waking up to minus 3 degrees at 6am is my inner photographers dream all through winter with the occasional minus 5 morning.

The frost can be so heavy it resembles snow at a distance freezing pipes and long icicles hanging from dripping outside taps, these cold temperatures overnight always turn into lovely warm and sunny mornings and afternoons, the heavy dew from the frosts makes for wonderful water droplet photos which can keep me busy for most of the day hunting down that one macro shot of the perfect water droplet and perfect back ground scene.

We don’t get a lot of sun in some parts of my property so the photo opportunities can last all day. Of course it also means ending up with frost bitten hands that I cant feel for a few hours, soaking wet jeans from laying on the ground to get macro shots, wet camera gear and the never ending fogging up of the lens and viewer and my glasses but there is always a large wood fire to rush to to thaw for a few minutes then return to the cold outdoors.

The foggy mornings make for very beautiful images if you can find the right location before the fog lifts, I prefer single trees with interesting branches like the hawthorn tree to make eerie statements

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