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Purchase online Canvas Prints created by Tasmanian Photographer Mandy Kidd.

Macro Prints

An sneak peek into an insects perspective of Mother Nature. Enter the realm of myths where legends are made. Perhaps you’ll meet a fairy.

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A collection of Landscape Photography highlighting the mystical and beautiful in Tasmania, Australia’s most southern state.

Meet the Photographer

mandy kidd
I first started practising photography and developing my own images 25 years ago after picking up a vintage enlarger with all accessories for $5. Of course family life came along so photography was forgotten until 4 years ago.

I  moved in with and cared for my elderly father and found a Panasonic Lumix camera he had purchased. After borrowing it and realizing just how good quality the images were, I started taking photos of everything from insects to birds, or anything that moved.

I had a great interest in action photography but the Lumix wasn't the best camera for it. So, I purchased a Nikon D3200. Since then every spare minute of the day I get is spent taking photos, always hoping for competition level pictures.

I have since taken a liking to macro photography. The tiny detail in plants and flowers that I could never see with the naked eye astounded me and keeps me busy for hours each day. I never use photoshop for editing unless it needs enhancing a little or cropping. Every photo you see is what comes straight out of the camera.