Being a photographer in Tasmania has it’s advantages. Having such beautiful landscapes, historic architecture and plenty of wildlife, makes me feel very spoiled, and just one step ahead of my mainland cousins.

My website offers hundreds of canvas and paper prints for sale, all of which I have created myself, using just my camera, the light, the subject and little to no photoshop.

I offer Free Postage to all you mainlanders across the Strait, who are looking at buying a canvas print or a gloss/matt paper print to adorn your walls.

The largest selection in my shop at the moment are my Macro Prints. I’ve been focussing on Macro for the last year or so, but do intend on getting out and about across the Tasmanian countryside to capture the historic and natural elements that abound.

So take a browse through my shop, choose a Print you like, choose your sizing carefully, and simple submit your order. We’ll take care of the rest.

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