A few weeks ago I decided to try my hand, or my camera I should say at Minimalizing Photography. Searching for the simplest of patterns, the simplest of lines, simplifying and recreating photos I had done before leaving out water droplets, objects etc, everything that makes a photo busy.

After a few weeks of it I became bored, there was no character to my photos, I felt I was losing touch with what I have done for the last four years.

It was a bad idea to even try and change my style. A lot of my original photos could be considered to be minimalizing so I am happy to stick with my form of it. I desire a lot of activity in my photos, a lot of detail and very busy.

It was worth the challenge though, but it is a style of photography I would never want to attempt again. I tried photos of feathers just as they were on the ground, it didn’t impress me BUT I was impressed when I found one with perfect rain droplets on it, this is as close to minimalizing I will ever get, the feather to me needed more than just lines.

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