Living in Tasmania has given me many opportunities to get some great landscape photographs of the beautiful scenery that abounds here.

When out and about, looking for great photos, I try to keep in mind to look for the unusual, the quaint, the unsuspecting photograph of a landscape that would look great as a canvas print hanging on your wall.

Using my trusty Nikon camera, most of my photographs are untouched by photoshop, except when I need to crop out that unexpected critter or tree that I didn’t want in the shot. My Nikon camera has proven to be my most faithful camera to date, especially when dealing with landscapes.

So I’m very lucky to live in Tasmania, and am able to visit such remote towns and villages such as Avoca, St Marys, St Helens and further inland. Many of these Tasmanian towns have old 1800s style buildings, some in great condition and others in disrepair.

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