Taking photos in Autumn. Autumn is most photographers ideal time for capturing nature, the sun is low in the sky making it easier for bouncing light off dew drops and rain drops any time of the day without needing a flash and using fake light the photos are so much more natural.

Providing you live in an area of Australia where trees lose their leaves in Autumn which includes Tasmania the color of the leaves as background for macro photography, portraits and landscapes gives the main attraction in the photo the centre of attention with a lovely pastel colored background that blends in.

This Autumn has been extremely kind to the eye with morning dew lasting most of the day. Often the insects like bees need a helping hand, its common to find them frozen hiding under a flower or piece of grass while photographing other insects, I carry them to a sunny spot and place them in the sun, obviously taking the opportunity to photograph a bee or a lady bug covered in dew.

My property is surrounded by a hawthorn hedge the color of the leaves are now purple making a beautiful background and covered in red berries which attracts all the native birds and wildlife to feast on through winter.

Tasmania hasn’t seen much rain since June 2016 so these heavy Autumn dews are a very welcome sight.

There is always new photo opportunities when you find a native birds feather laying on the ground due to molting, new spiders are starting to appear moving in closer to homes for shelter and trees losing their leaves making for perfect borders on landscape photos

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